To get you started in the right direction, you will consult with Dr. Robinson and provide him with your medical history, personal goals, and obstacles that have gotten into your way of obtaining your weight loss goals.  He will then determine based upon your consultation the best, personalized weight loss program for you.  The plan will include a recommended diet and exercise regimen to assist with keeping your goals in sight.  He will uniquely pair with your plan appetite suppressants, and various other additions to elevate your success and kick start your progress! 


To put you on a fast track in accomplishing your goals, Dr. Robinson will dispense the appropriate appetite suppressant, such as Phentermine, to keep your overactive appetite at bay.  It helps in achieving weight loss by blocking the signal to the brain telling you that you’re hungry.  By decreasing hunger and making you feel full for longer periods of time, it will help you adjust to the new way of eating.  It is designed for short-term use with a combination of healthier eating and increased physical activity.  The Doctor may also recommend vitamin injections or vitamin infusions to help boost your metabolism and to aid with successful weight loss.  


Initial visit and follow-up



Two B12 injections

4 week supply of appetite suppressant

Lab work performed in office to check hormones, thyroid function, and various test as needed

Nutrition Counseling

Measurements and Pictures


B12 injections upgraded to MIC Lipo C fat burners, Taurine, Arginine, Carnitine, and B12 combination injection

Additional appetite suppressants to enhance benefits

Additional medications to aid in improved insulin usage

Medical grade, high quality 14 day and 21 day liver detox shake programs

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Weight Loss IV infusions, The Slim Drip

Vitamin replacement

Treatment of underlying health issues

Weight loss peptides

Vitamin intramuscular injections provide a pure and potent delivery of essential vitamins directly to the body for fast distribution.  A few of them include:

  • B12 Shots 
  • B Complex Shots
  • Lipo B (Lipotropics) The Fat Burning Shot
  • Lipo C The Super Fat Burning Shot
  • Lipo C with B12, Carnitine, and other B Vitamins The Ultimate Fat burner
  • Plus More
       For more information on Vitamin B12, click here:


The goal of the weight loss IV Infusion/drip is to ultimately assist in weight loss by reducing body fat.  The vitamin concoction in the drip includes B vitamins, carnitine, and various fat burners that make up what is known as MIC.  These work in a synergistic fashion to help with weight loss.  

B vitamins are essential in the formation of new, healthy cells in the body.  They also boost energy.  As your energy levels increase, you become more active which results in your body burning more calories and increasing the rate of your metabolism.  B vitamins are also important in the functioning of the nervous system, which helps with the body’s ability to cope with stress.  Stress leads to weight gain and by helping the body’s response to stress, it is possible to prevent stress induced weight gain. 



MIC comprises of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.

Methionine acts as a lipotropic agent, which is important for maintenance of a healthy liver, and for burning the exported fat for additional energy.  Methionine prevents excess fat buildup in the liver and the body, is helpful in relieving or preventing fatigue, and may be useful in some cases of allergies because it reduces histamine release.  

Inositol is related to the B-vitamin family and is closely associated with choline.  It aids in the metabolism of fats and helps reduce blood cholesterol.  Inositol participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite.  A decrease in your appetite makes your new way of eating much easier.  

Choline is a potent fat burner because it is responsible for the transport of fats into the cells to be used for energy in the body.  By raising the level of muscle carnitine, you support the fat burning process, and because your body becomes more efficient at processing fuel, it will increase your energy levels.  Elevating carnitine will also improve physical performance by burning more fat, sparing glycogen, clearing muscle lactate, and increasing anabolic hormone response.