This all-in-one vitamin concoction specializes in optimizing your physical performance and neurological function.  It simultaneously expands your immune system, facilitates a detox, keeps you feeling energized and refreshed.  Along with the hydration, it is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging benefits, including a push of a high dose of Glutathione for glowing skin.  

When our bodies are out of balance with not enough vitamins and hydration, we experience it in all aspects of our health and lives.  While not directly affecting your weight, a decrease in essential vitamins and nutrients can affect your body in other ways which leads to physical states like a domino effect.  

Through the Revitalize in fusion, the vitamin therapy provides balanced electrolytes  and vitamins to calm busy minds, boost energy levels, and improve physical functions. 



When our brains are experiencing a deficiency in vitamins and electrolytes, we find it difficult to clear our minds, think properly, and not become overwhelmed and stressed.  We are lacking in the fuel we need to perform optimally and complete tasks without burning out and feeling the weight of burden.  It can be hard to find the time to eat healthy and perform healthy choices when you are stressed and leading a busy life.  Having an infusion at Matters of Beauty is an extremely easy and effective way to obtain these essential vitamins and boost your entire life.  


Just like your brain needs “food” to work properly, so does your skin to look beautiful and stay clear.  The Revitalized vitamin therapy gives you the electrolytes your skin needs combined with vitamins and nutrients to detox and brighten your skin from the inside out leaving you with stunning results that last. 




 –  Zinc

 – B Vitamins

– Vitamin C 

 – Taurine

-Co Enzyme Q10

– Glutathione